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Orders may be placed through the MerchantMachines.com website using a credit card or government purchasing card. Orders may be placed by:

  1. Telephone at 866-461-9281
  2. Fax at 410-461-9923
  3. Postal: Mail a purchase order to 3300 North Ridge Road Suite #330 Ellicott City, MD 21043, USA.

Payment Terms

Pre-Paid by Credit Card or by Bank Transfer or ACH of Business Checking Account.  


Delivery of equipment is generally within 10 days, although there is no guarantee of delivery time.  Additional charge for overnight service.


Shipping and insurance are prepaid and added to the invoice. Domestic freight charges are Federal Express or US Postal Service, depending on destination address and rush or economy service specified by customer.

Installation and Training

Customer is responsible for installation, training and application usage of products sold by Merchant Machines. For some products there will be a charge  for this service, payable in advance.  *** See the Merchant Accounts area for advantages of signing up with MerchantMachines.com.


All products are warranted for performance by the manufacturer. Generally  equipment carry a one year (12 months) warranty for labor and parts which malfunction under normal use.